Film production placements

Film production work experience placements

If you have ever dreamed of a career in the movies, our film production placements can give you the opportunity to gain unique work experience in the film industry.

To break into this highly competitive arena you need to demonstrate that you have the right mix of skills in addition to creativity, tenacity and perseverance. Often the only way to demonstrate that you have the skills and the attributes is to actually get involved in the industry and gain practical film production experience. Our film production work experience placements overseas give you the opportunity to gain valuable industry skills in addition to an insight into the many roles associated with film production. You can either use the opportunity to gain a variety of skills in the key areas of film production or specialise in one of the many production or post production roles.

Whether you would like experience drawing storyboards, writing scripts or scouting locations in pre-production, be part of the camera, lighting or sound crews in production or whether you'd like to experience it all, our film production work experience and internships overseas give you the opportunity to get valuable industry experience in film.