Mexico media and  journalism placements

Global Media Projects in Mexico

Mexico is a wonderfully colourful and vibrant country, rich in culture, music and culinary delights! Historically, Mexico was home to some of the most advanced civilisations of the time, the Olmec, Aztecs and Maya all left their mark on the country and their towering temples can still be found deep in the tropical rainforests.

Today, Mexico is a proud and modern country that has still managed to retain strong links to its culture and it’s past. Music and dance are integral to the lively culture here and the Mariachi, Salsa and Merengue beats radiate from every home, shop and café.

Geographically Mexico forms a bridge between economically developed North America and the lesser economically developed countries of Central and South America and this is something that is mirrored in its development. However, although the country may be relatively prosperous, wide disparities still exist between those with and those without money.

Your home in Mexico will be the beautiful colonial city of Guadalajara cemtrally located for your weekend travels.