Ghana media and  journalism placements

Global Media Projects in Ghana

In almost everything you read about Ghana, people talk about how friendly the Ghanaian people are. It is hard to find a people anywhere in the world as open and as outgoing as the average Ghanaian.

But it's not just the warmth of the people that draw people to Ghana. Ghana is blessed with miles of golden palm fringed beaches, most completely untouched by tourism. Travel inland just a few miles and you will hit the green interior. A belt of lush green forest runs across Ghana, it once almost covered the entirety of the country before mass logging, but it's now home to a fascinating collection of birds, plant life and the elusive forest elephant.

Travel yet further north and you will hit the dusty sub-Saharan savannah grassland, which for many is the gateway to journeys further north through Burkina Faso, Mali and the mysterious Sahara desert.

Our base in Ghana is the coastal town of Cape Coast. Cape Coast is famous around the world for it's university and it's heritage. It is home to old slave forts and other colonial relicts.

Our base Cape Coast is conveniently located close to the beautiful coastal towns and fishing villages, which make interesting weekend visits. The spectacular Kakum National Park is also a short journey away. Here those with a head for heights can take the walkway through the lush green canopy of this rainforest reserve.