China media and  journalism placements

Our location in China

Our media projects are located near the centre of Beijing in China. See the googlemap above.

Highlights – China

The cost of the programme in China includes language lessons. Language is an integral part of Chinese culture so learning a bit about language in China will give you more of an insight into the Chinese way of life.

Weekends are free and, depending on how many volunteers are overseas with you, you are based in the same accommodation which means that you can easily go travelling at weekends. Our location in China means that you are close to some of the China's most popular attractions.

The centre of Beijing is home to Tiananmen Square. This magnificent central area was made famous by the student protests in 1989 but is also home to Chairman Mao's mausoleum. It's worth braving the morning queue to see the mummified body of someone who was instrumental in China's modern history.

The square itself is fringed by the impressive Chinese National Museum and the intimidating Great Hall of the People, the seat of Chinese government.

Perhaps the most awe inspiring structure that dominates this central area is the Forbidden City. A great walled palace that once housed China's emperors is now open to visitors and a home to a small detachment of the People's Army who you can occasionally see playing table tennis or badminton in the palace grounds!

Outside the walls of the Forbidden City are the historic Hutongs. These narrow streets take you back through ancient China and give you a glimpse of how people used to live in Beijing before the advent of skyscrapers!

Also within easy reach of Beijing is the great wall. Buses leave the central bus station early each day to ferry you to this imposing structure, built to withstand the invasions of the Mongol hordes!


The Climate in China is basically a magnified version of what you experience at home. The winter months, from November to February can be bitterly cold, with temperatures regularly dipping well below zero.

The summer months from June to August can be uncomfortably hot with temperatures soaring into the 40's (Centigrade).

The most comfortable time to be in China is the Autumn or Spring, when the weather is at it's most tolerable!


You will have weekends free to travel and visit the sights so do take some spending money for food, accommodation and souvenirs.

Exactly how much to take is a matter of great debate but most who have travelled to China recommend that you could probably get by allowing £50-75 per weekend spending money. If you can, take a little extra just in case to allow for emergencies or those ‘must have’ souvenirs.

You cannot get Chinese currency outside of China so it’s best to take your spending money as travellers cheques or cash. Credit and debit cards are widely excepted in China. You can usually draw money out on credit and debit cards from most banks in China and there are plenty of ATM machines in the cities.

Travellers cheques are the safest way to carry your spending money to China as they can be easily replaced if lost or stolen. In our experience we’ve found that American Express travellers cheques offer the best service but most travellers cheques are accepted. It’s probably best to avoid ‘Thomas Cook’ traveller cheques as some banks do not accept them.

You can take cash as sterling, euros or US dollars. All are easy to change in China.


All international flights arrive in the capital city Beijing (airport code PEK), and there are a reasonable number of airlines to choose from. From London, British Airways is often the most convenient, flying direct to Beijing every day. From UK regional airports, KLM is also convenient, flying from various UK cities via Amsterdam, again every day. We advise you to shop around, however, as competition is strong and deals change on a daily basis.