Romania media and  journalism placements

Global Media Projects: You location in Romania

Our projects in Romania are located in Brasov - see the googlemap above.


The Climate in Brasov is basically a magnified version of what you experience at home. The winter months, from November to February can be bitterly cold, with temperatures regularly dipping well below zero.

The summer months from June to August can be uncomfortably hot with temperatures soaring into the 40's (Centigrade).

The most comfortable time to be in Romania is the Autumn or Spring, when the weather is at it's most tolerable!

Money matters

You will have weekends free to travel and visit the sights so do take some spending money for food, accommodation and souvenirs.

Exactly how much to take is a matter of great debate but most who have travelled to Romania recommend that you could probably get by allowing £50-75 per weekend spending money. If you can, take a little extra just in case to allow for emergencies or those ‘must have’ souvenirs.

You cannot get Romanian currency outside of Romania so it’s best to take your spending money as travellers cheques or cash. Credit and debit cards are widely excepted in Romania. You can usually draw money out on credit and debit cards from most ATM machines at banks in Romania. This is probably the easiest way to access your spending money but shouldn't be relied upon.

Travellers cheques are the safest way to carry your spending money to Romania as they can be easily replaced if lost or stolen. In our experience we’ve found that American Express travellers cheques offer the best service but most travellers cheques are accepted. It’s probably best to avoid ‘Thomas Cook’ traveller cheques as some banks do not accept them.

However, do take a debit or credit card (preferably a Visa card) and some cash with you as travellers cheques are difficult to change (often requiring hours of queuing in banks).

You can take cash as sterling, euros or US dollars. All are easy to change in Romania.

Arrival Information

You should arrange your flights to arrive at Bucarest International Airport (OTP). A number of international carriers fly to Bucarest, including a number of low cost carriers. During the summer it's also possible to find cheap deals from some UK airports direct to Bucarest.