Tanzania media and journalism placements

Global Media Projects Team in Tanzania

During your time with us in Tanzania, you will be staying with a local family.

The accommodation provided is very comfortable and spacious. The living room and bedrooms are equipped with fans. There is always electricity and plenty of water even though it may not always be running. Your meals will be provided at the accommodation and at the hospital canteen.

Whether you are on a journalism placement, teaching or working in hospitals, all the placement participants stay together in the same area which means that you are never far away from someone to socialise with in the evenings or travel with at weekends. The standard of the accommodation will basic and not be what you are used to at home so please don’t expect all mod cons, but it will be clean and tidy.

Travelling around this town is easy and your placement will be within easy commuting distance.

Our manager in Tanzania, will be on hand during office hours if you have any general queries and only a phone call away outside office hours if there’s something much more urgent.