Mexico media and  journalism placements

Global Media Projects: Your accommodation in Mexico

The main base of our projects in Mexico is Guadalajara but we also operate projects in satelite locations of Guanajuato, Tecolotlan and Chapala to our established programme in Puerto Vallarta. The accommodation depends on where you are based but it is either with local families or in group, hostel type, accommodation. We prefer to place people with local families as it’s a great way to get to know Mexican people as well as help improve your Spanish. Although we do ask that you show your family the usual courtesy, e.g letting them know if you are staying out late or travelling at weekends, they will be used to hosting people from overseas and won’t mind you coming and going as you please.

The standard of the accommodation will good but not quite what you are used to at home so please don’t expect all mod cons, but it will be clean and tidy. The house has hot and cold running water and electricity, but this occasionally fails. Mexican food is great but if you can't quite get used to it then they can cook something similar to what you are used to at home!

We will place you with other volunteers, which means that you are never far away from someone to socialise with in the evenings. All our project locations are within easy travelling distance, so volunteers from all the projects usually get together at a central meeting point to go travelling at weekends or just chill out by the beach.

Our staff will be on hand during office hours if you have any general queries and only a phone call away outside office hours if there’s something much more urgent.

The one exception to this will be the accommodation on the turtle conservation project. Due to the nature of this project, it's not possible to place you with local families. The turtle camp is located in a remote area about 80kms from Puerto Vallarta. The accommodation at the turtle camp will see you literally living on the beach!

The turtle camp is a semi permanent settlement, made up of a number of large tents. Each function of the camp has it's own tent, for example the lab, the kitchen, the showers, the eating area and even the accommodation. Accommodation is usually in personal tents within a larger tent.

Electricity is provided by a generator and so is rationed and water has to be brought in so must be used sparingly. However, living conditions are comfortable but understandably basic.

There are compensations however! The camp has it's own pool, to help you cool off after a long day on turtle watch or releasing hatchlings and due to the absence of light polution in the area, there's also a powerful telescope for gazing at the stars on the clear nights.